Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sustainability Vs 7 Billion

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UN recently reported that the 7 Billionth person would be borne by coming 31st of October. What this 7 Billion really means for future of all of us (i.e. 7 Billion)?

Well, it is scary to imagine the ways that this 7 Billions would fulfil their dreams in the future while another Billion is on the way within next 15 years. These numbers are really frightening.

BBC recently reported that the current global consumption levels could result in a large-scale ecosystem collapse by the middle of the century. They further added that if the world's population shared the UK's lifestyle, three planets would be needed to support their needs.

Each and every one of this 7 Billion want food, water, shelter, education, etc... According to researches, an average person needs around 80 litres of water per day (30 m3 / per year). For 7 Billion, the water requirement is 210 billion m3 per year. That is 84 million Olympic sized pools. Can you believe the magnitude? Within 15 years we need additional 12 million Olympic sized pools of water as well.

Do you think that the sustainability measures that we are talking about currently will set off these resources? Never. Sustainability itself is in vain if the current population growth is not gonna be reduced.

Therefore, strong actions to reduce the population growth rate to be taken by world leaders. Global recession, current Europe turmoil, etc... also directly correlated with this time bomb. However, there are very few actions have been taken throughout the world on this issue.

Population growth rate estimates (by United Nations)
Is there any solution?

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